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With the launch of Instagram stories back in 2016, marketers and businesses have been presented with a new tool to increase their following. As the ‘stories’ feature has become more popular, it has opened up an opportunity for businesses and individuals to reach even larger audiences by creating unique content. By making use of, companies can focus on increasing their following through authenticity and connection.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are short-lived photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. Businesses and individuals post stories when they want to share moments or promote something quickly without it permanently appearing on their profile feed. Instagram stories also allow users to interact with followers in real-time by asking questions, hosting polls, or simply creating conversations around a certain topic or product that is being discussed. This allows your audience to get closer to you as a business or individual and develop relationships with them authentically.

Why Use Instagram Stories?

Using Instagram Stories is beneficial for businesses and individuals, as it provides a platform to engage with their target audience quickly and easily. It can be used for promotional purposes, such as announcing upcoming events or launching new products/services, but it also allows businesses to build relationships with existing customers by responding directly to comments on story posts or presenting exclusive offers that are only available through engagement on Instagram stories. Furthermore, as Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, this encourages viewers to take action now rather than wait until later, resulting in higher engagement rates from followers who don’t want to miss out on updates from your brand/business!

Reach a wider audience with SocialZinger

Socialzinger is a powerful tool that helps brands increase their reach on Instagram by leveraging viral trends across different networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., all within one dashboard. The platform works by discovering trending topics related to your industry and then providing you with relevant content ideas that can be shared instantly through your company’s account(s). This not only keeps your feeds up to date but also gives you access to fresh content every day, which you can use in creative ways such as adding text captions to images or creating eye-catching videos using popular hashtags – both of which help to attract the attention of potential followers who are searching for content on these topics online!

Use user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a great way for businesses and brands to connect with potential customers and create engaging posts without having to invest time in creating original material themselves. UGC allows businesses to tap into the creativity of their followers while showcasing a wide variety of products/services they offer through customer reviews & feedback – all without spending any money! For example, if you own a clothing store, it makes perfect sense to ask people who have recently bought items from you, as they already know how good the quality is, and they might even post pictures of themselves wearing the clothes, which could encourage others to consider buying something similar! This type of marketing strategy helps to build trust between the company and its customers while adding value at no extra cost!

Analyse trends & leverage data

Instagram’s analytics tools provide data on user engagement over time, giving businesses valuable insight into what type of content resonates best with their target audience – allowing them to optimize future campaigns accordingly based on historical performance metrics such as likes per post rate and follower count fluctuations over periods of time such as weeks/months, etc. In addition, these analytics dashboards allow brands to monitor competitor accounts, giving them an edge when planning how to adjust their strategies in the future to maximize the return on each story posted!

Increase brand visibility through influencer partnerships

Influencers are key players when it comes to leveraging successful marketing campaigns, largely due to the fact that many have built up followings made up entirely of dedicated fans who pay close attention to everything they do online – including promoting the products/services offered by other companies who regularly partner with them; influencers receive commissions for each sale made, resulting in increased brand awareness alongside overall sales figures! However, before entering into any arrangements, make sure that interests are aligned, meaning that both parties benefit equally, otherwise collaborations can quickly lose their impact once word gets out that there is no real partnership between any of the companies involved…


As we can see, there are several ways businesses can use Instagram Stories to increase visibility, attract more customers, and ultimately lead to increased sales, the bottom line thanks to innovative features platforms offer along with helpful resources like Socialzinger, analytics, monitoring services, influencer partnerships, gain leverage in the market, today’s digital landscape just takes a bit of strategizing, thinking outside the box, to succeed in the long run, so go ahead, start exploring the possibilities, open yourself up today, reap the rewards tomorrow!

At, we understand how important it is for your business to maintain its authenticity and credibility. After all, if you don’t have these two traits, people will not trust your brand and may even question the legitimacy of your products or services. That’s why many companies turn to buying followers on Instagram in an effort to boost their numbers quickly. However, it can be a tricky business – if done wrong, you could end up doing more harm than good by damaging your reputation and losing credibility. So how do you buy Instagram followers without compromising your brand? Here are some tips:

1) Choose Quality Over Quantity:

When looking for a provider for Instagram followers, always prioritize quality over quantity. The last thing you want is a bunch of fake accounts that won’t engage with your content or add any value to your page. Look for reputable providers who offer genuine accounts with real engagement instead of just buying bulk numbers from low-quality sources. This way, you can build a strong base of loyal followers who will help promote your brand without sacrificing credibility or authenticity.

2) Analyze Your Target Audience:

Before investing in any marketing strategy, it’s important to have a clear understanding of who you’re trying to reach out to and what type of audience would best suit your brand message. For instance, if you’re targeting young adults interested in fashion then buying general followers won’t do much good as they won’t be likely to engage with the content on your account anyway. Instead, focus on finding influencers within this demographic that already have a large number of followers and try partnering with them in order to get access to their larger target audience base.

3) Utilize Automation Tools:

Thanks to technology, there are various automation tools available online today that can help save time when managing multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Many platforms offer features such as automated hashtag generation, post scheduling and analytics, which can help streamline the process while still ensuring quality content delivery on channels such as Instagram. Automation tools also allow businesses to quickly capitalise on trends, so they don’t miss out on potential opportunities that could significantly improve their visibility and engagement with their target audience – something that is crucial when it comes to growing followers organically.

4) Offer incentives to gain organic followers:

In addition to using automation tools, businesses should also think about offering incentives or discounts through their social media pages, as this can encourage more organic growth. People love to get free stuff or feel like they’re part of an exclusive group, so offering things like giveaways, VIP access, early releases, etc. can be a great way to attract new users and grow an engaged following. While this may seem counterintuitive at first, it’s actually one of the most effective ways to grow your numbers without having to buy them outright (and risk damaging your reputation).

5) Monitor your progress & evaluate results regularly:

Finally, once the above steps have been taken, it’s important to monitor progress regularly and evaluate results to ensure that everything is running smoothly. It’s important to track KPIs such as followers gained/lost each month, engagement rates, etc., so that adjustments can be made where necessary to maintain the desired level of performance and overall growth. Of course, success is never guaranteed, but paying attention to detail & being proactive often leads to better results in the long run, whether you buy or not!

6) Stay active on social media platforms:

Last but not least, staying active on other social media platforms besides Instagram is also important to build an online presence beyond just follower counts. Being present on different networks allows brands to interact with a wider range of customers, helping to build authentic relationships and further establish trustworthiness with potential buyers, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates down the line!