As consumers become more educated about hemp-derived products, there has been a surge in popularity for delta 8 gummies. Also known as Delta 8 THC edibles, they are quickly becoming sought-after throughout the cannabis industry. Exhalewell offer these delta 8 gummies derived from federally legal hemp plants and provide users with an enjoyable way to enjoy their desired effect. But what exactly sets them apart from other CBD products? Let’s take a look at why Delta 8 gummies are the next big thing in the CBD industry.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Before we dive into the benefits of delta 8 gummies, let’s first take a look at what it is. As its name suggests, Delta 8 THC is a compound found within the cannabis plant that produces psychotropic effects similar to those seen with traditional marijuana use – but on a much milder scale. It offers users a smooth experience without some of the more intense side effects associated with higher concentrations of THC like paranoia or anxiety. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to experience some of the benefits of marijuana without feeling overwhelmed by its effects.

Why Are People Drawn To Delta 8 Gummies?

One of the reasons people are drawn to delta 8 gummies is because they provide an easy and convenient way to consume this cannabinoid-rich product without having to worry about smoking or vaping any kind of device or accessory. In addition, many users find that consuming edibles provides them with longer lasting and more consistent results than other forms such as tinctures or oils would. Finally, many people simply appreciate being able to enjoy their daily dose of cannabinoids while also getting all sorts of delicious flavors and textures from these chewy treats!

How Is It Different Than Other Hemp Products?

Delta 8 Gummies will differ from other hemp products due to its higher concentration compared to regular CBD oil or isolate products available on the market today (which typically contain less than 0.3%Delta 9THC). The increased potency associated with delta eight means that users get more bang for their buck when consuming this product – giving them a stronger overall effect than they would get from regular CBD alone. In addition, delta eight may have stronger anti-inflammatory properties, which may be beneficial for those suffering from certain chronic conditions such as arthritis or asthma.

What benefits does it offer?

As well as providing users with powerful pain and inflammation relief, research suggests that Delta8 may help to reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve mood by promoting feelings of relaxation and calm in both body and mind. This calming sensation could make it easier to take your daily supplement dose if you struggle with feelings such as stress during the working day or have trouble sleeping due to racing thoughts at night. Furthermore, some studies suggest that this type of cannabinoid may even be useful in treating symptoms associated with cancer treatment such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc., making it an attractive option for people undergoing chemotherapy looking for symptom relief.

Is it right for you? Should you try Delta8?

Ultimately, whether Delta8 Gummies are right for you depends on your individual needs. If you’re looking for something stronger than standard CBD oil, but don’t want anything too potent, then it might be worth considering. However, if you suffer from severe chronic pain then this may not be strong enough – so always consult your doctor before trying any new supplement. In addition, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, elderly, under 18 years old – do not try this product until advised by your doctor.

The bottom line:

All in all, delta eight gummies offer an easy and delicious way for people looking for alternative methods of relieving symptoms associated with chronic conditions. Not only do they taste great, but they also provide users with long-lasting effects, giving them access to powerful relief all day long! So if you are looking for an enjoyable way to consume cannabinoids then try these tasty treats today!


Stella Russell is a writer and editor. She holds a BA in Art History from Wellesley College and is certified as a personal trainer through the European Registry of Exercise Professionals .